TML Resident Astrologer Kelli Fox: What are thePlanets up to in February 2018?

The Planets This Month – February 2018

Ah the shortest month in the calendar. Winter is in full effect for some parts of the world, while other places are experiencing their summer. So, what is in store for this month’s planet and how will they be affecting your sign? Well, the big news of the month is the Solar Eclipse in Aquarius on the 15th. This is part of a cycle that started in 2017 and will be affecting the fixed signs or anyone with planets in fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

Considering that Solar Eclipses bring about radical change, the fact that this is happening in the Aquarius (known as a sign of rebellion and progress) amplifies the possibilities. Aquarius isn’t one for gradual change or for asking permission from superiors; it desires what’s good for everyone, whether they know it or not yet. With both the Sun and Moon in Aquarius, this Solar Eclipse may bring sudden, unexpected, and radical changes, particularly on a national or even global scale.

On February 10th, love planet Venus moves into Pisces where it will stay until March 6th. During this time many of us may be incurable romantics. We might be prone to fantasy when it comes to love, seeing the god or goddess in everyone we meet, and thinking that we've met our dream partner. Practicality and discrimination go out the window, and we're willing to sacrifice it all for our ideal love.

On the 17th communication planet Mercury moves into Pisces while the radiant Sun moves into Pisces on the 18th. During the remainder of the month look for positive ways to transcend the ordinary, like creative expression, meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices. This could be a great time to go on a retreat, or otherwise withdraw from socializing and busyness. If you don't have a positive outlet for escape, you might be tempted to fall into the more negative expression of Pisces and be prone to addictions, illusions or avoidance.

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